Why Namma?

Namma CrossFit is Bangalore’s quintessential Fitness Program. We started ‘Namma’ with a sole objective; Provide folks from Bangalore a platform where they can learn the nuances of Physical Movement in a safe yet effective environment.

At Namma CrossFit, People from diverse backgrounds unite to express their fitness. We have Lawyers, Doctors, Writers, Businessmen and Women, Homemakers, Actors, Artists, Professional Athletes, Weekend Warriors, Gramps, Kids et al,  sharing space under the same roof to get better at what they do in daily and professional life.

Once you’re at Namma, none can compare :: Once you taste Honey, Sugar don’t compare.

The Navigation Menu on the left is self-explanatory.  Use this resource to the maximum. In doing that, you are going to discover yourself everyday. Good Luck!

Why CrossFit?

CrossFit means precisely that. You Cross ‘Train’ different movements, methods and routines in order to achieve a greater level of ‘Overall Fitness’.

Devoting too much training time to one particular movement or routine (For eg: Long Distance Running) will result in severely blunted Overall Fitness.
Overall Fitness requires you to possess the following capabilities in near equal measure :-

(Definitions here are for the layman. Seek more in the ‘Knowledge’ section)

* Strength – The Ability to produce Force.
* Endurance – The Ability to withstand wear & tear.
* Flexibility – The Ability to stretch optimally during movement.
* Mobility – The Ability to allow fluid movement
* Agility – The Ability to minimise time during transition of movement from one to another.
* Balance – The Ability to maintain optimal position against the force of gravity.
* Co-ordination – The Ability to successfully combine complex movements while being balanced.
* Reaction – The Ability to quickly respond to an external stimulus
* Acceleration & Power – The Ability to produce Force quickly
* Speed – The Rate at which we perform Work.

Deja Vu? Extensive knowledge about one’s Body is obligatory for every Human on Earth.
You’d definitely like to know what You’re made of!